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Intellectual Property IP Case Studies

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Intellectual Property IP Case Studies

In this section we look at Emerging Technology keywords and top patent assignees. 
SSL lighting
LED lighting
OLED lighting

Emerging Technologies

The number of Solid State Light SSL patents, SSL, LEDs, OLEDs have dramatically increased over the past 10 years.  50% adoption is predicted by 2015. The LED general lighting SSL market is segmented by replacement lamps and luminaires into architectural applications.

SSL lighting

SSL lighting keywords
SSL Lighting Keywords 2003:2012

SSL lighting assginee top 10
SSL Lighting Assignee Top 10 

SSL lighting assignee pub year
SSL Lighting Assignee Publication Year 

SSL lighting assignee landscape
SSL Lighting Assignee Landscape 

LED lighting

LED lighting (LED lamp) keywords
LED Lighting Keywords 2003:2012 country code US

LED lighting (LED lamp) US assignee top 10
LED Lighting Assignee Top 10 

LED light (LED lamp) US assaignee pub year
LED Lighting Assignee Publication Year 

LED lighting (LED lamp) US assignee landscape
LED Lighting Assignee Landscape 

LED lighting (LED lamps) total patents year
LED Lighting world total patents for 5 years

OLED lighting

OLED lighting keywords
OLED Lighting Keywords - OLED or light panel or light emitting surface

OLED lighting assignee top 10
OLED Lighting Assignee Top 10 

OLED lighting assignee pub year
OLED Lighting Assignee Publication Year 

OLED lighting assignee landscape
OLED Lighting Assignee Landscape 

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