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Intellectual Property IP Case Studies

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Intellectual Property IP Case Studies

In this section we look at mobile display device technology keywords and top patent assignees.
Tablet Computer - Tablet PC
Near to Eye displays

Mobile Display Devices

Tablet PC market share is predicted to surpass Notebooks in 2013.  Market dynamics are creating a variety of choices for consumers.  Near to Eye - personal head mounted displays feature portability, brightness, low power, high resolution, and wireless connectivity.

TABLET - Mobile PC

Tablet PC keywords
Tablet PC Keywords - computer or tablet pc

Tablet PC assignee top 10
Tablet PC Assignee Top 10 

Tablet PC assignee pub year
Tablet PC Assignee Publication Year 

Tablet PC assignee landscape
Tablet PC Assignee Landscape 

Tablet PC Mobile Tabled Applicatings
Tablet PC Top Mobile Companies


Near to eye keywords
Near to Eye Keywords - microdisplay or head mounted display or personal display

Near to eye assignee top 10
Near to Eye Assignee Top 10 

Near to eye assignee pub year
Near to Eye Assignee Publication Year 

Near to eye assignee landscape
Near to Eye Assignee Landscape 


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