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Intellectual Property IP Case Studies

Market Shares of Large Companies
in Consumer Electronics and SSL

Patent Sales Price


  • CE, Information Display & SSL


Patent Sales Price

In this section we look at historical patent sales price.  Current patent sales volume is reported up 4x since 2008. Large buyers with lots of cash are buying portfolios from industry pioneers.

High-Visibility & Display Industry & Solid State Lighting Industry

Patent Sales Price History.  We list below patent portfolios recently reported in the news, historical date for auctioned patents, and display industry historical sales.  SSL - LED landscape.

Determining patented product’s point of profit maximization
source: patented product’s point of profit maximization

High-Visibility Patent Sales

Slide 7 - Recent High-visibility Patent Sales & I-driven M&A Transactions

Slide 8 - Recent High-visibility Patent Sales & I-driven M&A Transactions

Patent Sales Price - Display Industry

Sales Value of Patents
source: patent auction historical data

source: display industry patent historical data


Patent Landscape Price - LEDs - Solid State Lighting Industry

LEDs patent landscape
source: Cross license on LED patents among Lumileds, Philips, Nichia, Osram, Cree, Toyoda Gosei, Avago, Seoul Semiconductor, Citizen, GE Lumination, Epistar, Dominant, BridgeLux, Intermatix, Kingbright, Samsung and so on

work in progress... 

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