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Intellectual Property IP Case Studies

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Intellectual Property IP Case Studies

In this section we look at enabling technologies for large format flat panel information displays.
Backlighting technology for LCD displays
3D technology for LCD displays
OLED technology for displays

Video and Information Displays

LCD backlights made with side or direct view LEDs are popular in consumer electronic TVs and monitor due to energy saving and wide color gamut properties. 3D television conveys depth perception to the viewer by using an active shutter 3D system or a polarized 3D system. Emerging OLED TVs shown at 2013 CES have very high color contrast and true blacks.

LCD FLAT PANEL - Backlight Technology

LCD LED backlight keywords
LCD LED backlight keywords -backlight and liquid crystal and display 2003:2012

LCD LED backlight assignee top 10
LCD LED backlight assignee top 10

LCD LED backlight assignee pub year
LCD LED backlight assignee publication year

LCD LED backlight assignee landscape
LCD LED backlight assignee landscape


3D LCD keywords
3D LCD Keywords - liquid crystal display and 3D

3D LCD assignee top 10
3D LCD Assignee Top 10

3D LCD assignee pub year
3D LCD Assignee Publication Year

3D LCD assignee landscape
3D LCD Assignee Landscape

OLED for Displays

OLED for display keywords
OLED for Displays Keywords - OLED and Display 2003:2012

OLED display assignee top 10
OLED for Displays Assignee Top 10 

OLED display assignee pub year
OLED for Displays Assignee Publication Year 

OLED display assingee landscape
OLED for Displays Assignee Landscape 


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