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Charles W. McLaughlin (

Charles McLaughlinMr. McLaughlin is a founder of and Managing Partner at Fergason Licensing in Menlo Park, CA. Drawing on his background as a new product pioneer, entrepreneur, market and technology consultant, and licensing agent, Mr. McLaughlin focuses his personal attention on defining opportunities, developing business strategy, prioritizing targets, building business to business relationships, and negotiating licensing and partner agreements.

Since 2002, Chuck has served as the licensing agent for Fergason Patent Properties. Working closely with inventor, Jim Fergason, Mr. McLaughlin developed a positioning strategy for FPP's dynamic contrast technology and IP and launched a licensing program that has resulted in licenses with more than 25 major LCD display companies, including Panasonic, LGD, Sharp, Samsung, and AUO. To date, no legal actions have been taken. He also built and led a team of professionals that are today the core of Fergason Licensing.

In 1993, Mr. McLaughlin founded McLaughlin Consulting Group and built a team of experienced professionals that provided a range of reports and consulting services relating to electronic displays.

Mr. McLaughlin founded Taliq Corporation in 1983 to commercialize products based on proprietary polymer dispersed liquid crystal (PDLC) technology. He led the company as CEO in commercializing both plastic reflective color displays used in interactive control consoles, and Varilite™ architectural window shading products.

Prior to Taliq, his career at Raychem Corporation spanned nearly 15 years.

Mr. McLaughlin received a BS in Chemical Engineering from Drexel University and a SM in Industrial Management from MIT's Sloan School.

Jeffrey K. Fergason (

Mr. Fergason is a founder and Managing Partner of Fergason Licensing. Jeff has a breadth of experiences as an entrepreneur, company leader, marketer, and dealmaker. He focuses his personal attention on establishing business strategy, licensor and licensee agreements, licensing audit and enforcement, and royalty collection. He also serves as the CFO of Fergason Licensing.

Jeff has truly had a lifetime working relationship with his father, Dr. James L. Fergason. Early in his career, he directly worked on both the PDLC and surface mode (0CB) technology development and invention programs. Later he founded and led a series of companies that commercialized LCD products.

Most recently, Jeff is also CEO of Ilixco and I/O Displays, a leading manufacturer of personal displays (headmounts) and shutter glasses used for 3D viewing. He also leads Razor Digital, a distributor of 3D entertainment DVDs. He successfully started, built, and managed companies who manufactured eye protection devices that are widely used in welding helmets and other safety equipment. These companies were subsequently acquired.

Mr. Fergason received an MBA from Pace University in 1985 and a BBA from Kent State University in 1981.

Dr. Arthur Berman (

Art BermanDr. Berman is the Senior Technologist of Fergason Licensing. Since his college years, he has been immersed in the evolution of liquid crystal technology and products. Art is also steeped in patents. He is the named inventor of more than 35 US patents and he has worked closely as a colleague of Dr. James L. Fergason for more than 20 years.

Dr. Berman's focus at Fergason Licensing is the in depth review of technology and IP. Once he ascertains the breadth and depth of a licensor's position, he helps create our strategy for positioning it in the marketplace and setting our licensing strategy. Art also establishes the protocols for infringement testing and claim charts.

Art has extensive experience in developing new products and processes in the display industry. Prior to joining the Fergason team, Dr. Berman founded and led companies developing, engineering, and manufacturing projection display systems. He also served as the lead technologist on teams that successfully managed the design, construction, and start up of LCD fabrication facilities in both Europe and Asia.

Dr. Berman received his PhD in physics at Kent State University where he began his research career at the Liquid Crystal Institute.

Blake Brown (

Mr. Brown manages the testing and evaluation laboratories at Fergason Licensing. He is responsible for managing and executing tear down analysis and claim chart testing of display systems and components to support licensing activities and license enforcement. Blake brings a wide range of technology and process skills together to build prototype and demonstration units of inventions. He also manages Fergason Licensing's IT resources.

Blake has worked closely with Dr. James L. Fergason throughout his career, initially as a development technologist and engineer. He helped build such ground breaking devices as the first twisted nematic LCD, the first surface mode device (OCB), the initial PDLC plastic substrate displays, and a range of patented devices including the StereoMirror™ 3D monitor, the RetroVue™ head mounted projector, and the SSBC™ demonstration units for dynamic contrast.

He also has built and managed optical device manufacturing facilities incorporating the principles of JIT, Pull / Kanban and continuous improvement, and implemented ISO 9001 certification. As manager of field services, Mr. Brown has trained and supported clients and licensees.

Blake is another product of Kent State University where he majored in computer sciences.

Adrienne Hefter (

Ms. Hefter leads client and licensee support for Fergason Licensing. She interacts with our licensor clients, providing day-to-day support for their needs as well as managing relationships with licensees, to insure proper reporting and payments. Adrienne also is Webmaster of

Ms. Hefter has a broad range of capabilities developed during here career at McLaughlin Consulting Group and Fergason Patent Properties. Her skills include web authoring, website management, client relations, competitor tracking, product specification monitoring, report generation, and accounting.

Adrienne received a BA in Art History and a BA in Industrial Design from San Francisco State University.

Fred Nobile (

Mr. Nobile is a business development specialist for Fergason Licensing. His background in liquid crystal display process technology led to programs to develop solid state lighting (SSL) technology for display backlights and illumination products. Since 2011 Fred has focused on identifying new business opportunities for Fergason Licensing in the SSL field.

Prior to joining Fergason Licensing Fred worked at McLaughlin Consulting Group supporting MCG with research and reports on LEDs, backlights, optical films, cellphones, and other information display markets. He has also provided consulting services related to process and equipment development for MCG clients.

Most recently, Fred also represented several major LED component makers develop sales and marketing plans, websites, and business to business relationships.

Mr. Nobile was a founder of Linear Optics and Peregrine Optifilm, leading PDLC research companies in the late '80s and '90s. He was responsible for their operations and managing research contracts with major corporations as well as supporting funded DARPA projects.

Mr. Nobile received a BA in Physics from University of California.


Ned Ruffin (

Mr. Ruffinis chief counsel for Fergason Licensing and a Managing Partner of NovaTech Law. Ned represents technology companies in corporate partnering, licensing, development, distribution and other commercial transactions involving intellectual property. NovaTech Law has worked with our team since 2004 and has guided and advised our strategy of focusing on marketing and licensing. They have counseled on term sheet tactics and drafted and supported negotiations on tens of agency andlicensing agreements.